Wondering what brought you here?
Let yourself wander and enjoy.

I have always been interested in photography, Excitement builds inside of me when I study a photo — it’s the interesting details of a person’s face, the way the lines of the mouth crinkle during a smile. It’s a street scene from a time long before I was born, reading signs that advertised local businesses or seeing the dress of the business owners themselves and comparing that genre to today.

I studied photography more in depth during college at Catholic University in Washington, DC. During that time I liked to wander the streets of the city and explore what it had to offer. My photography was a way to uniquely see, to be deaf to the chaos of the hustle and movement and be able to stand still while everyone and everything circles around me. Like every photographer, I try to capture that second in time that will not exist again.

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About Me

Picture by Philip Joncas of the street sign for Independence Ave and First ST in Washington DC.

I am a freelance artist in the Minneapolis, MN area. If you are interested in my work, and would like to purchase a piece, please contact me.

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