Can You Handle The Abstract?

I’ve been working on abstract painting for a couple of years. I started my art in the traditional movement, working with charcoal and realistic subject matters. That early teaching and practice was key in developing my artistic foundation and style, as it is for many artists. For me, that concrete base evolved into an abstract view.

While I have a great appreciation for fine art and artists that focus on more realistic subject matters, painting an abstract subject wth an abstract style is how I truly connect. Read my artist statement.

Thumbnail of a Painting.

My Painting Gallery

My interest is in the forms and textures created when combining pigments directly on canvas. When I paint I’m searching for depth, density and hues that grasp the soul. I become so involved that my mind wanders and my unconscious takes over. View what I have created.

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My Artist Statement

I create paintings that encourage the viewer to think, step out of the box and challenge their mind so they may become completely engaged and grasped by the raw emotion displayed.

About Me

Picture by Philip Joncas of a rock on the Santa Barbara beach

I have been fortunate to sell some work and be commissioned for private collections. If you are interested in a piece of work, please contact me.

Below are links to my other work.