My Artist Statement

I was born in Lowell MA on July 9, 1980 and with the exception of a short stint in Alexandria, VA, spent my most of my childhood there. I received my Bachelors Degree in Art with a concentration in Digital Media from Catholic University of America (CUA) in 2003 and have spent the last few years working in the Federal government as a graphic designer and Web Director. I currently reside in Washington, DC.


Inspired at the age of seven, I took art lessons from a local artist in Lowell, MA. Although my interest in art continued, I did not focus on my creative side until my second year at CUA, when I scrapped plans for a career in business, math and computer science and switched majors. I realized art was where I belonged. During that time in my life, I rediscovered my creativity and fell back in love with the artistic process. Art has become my release, my life away from life where I am my true self. I am an artist.


I first studied oil painting with Bernard Petruzziello, an artist and family friend, when I was twelve years of age. It was then that I first learned the importance of perspective and color balance. Petruzziello was a great mentor and he remains an inspiration to me today. Catholic University’s program was focused on the fine arts, specifically sculpture, painting, drawing and art history. I enrolled in the Digital Media program as I liked the idea of combining the more traditional studies of drawing and painting with the new tools of technology. While I studied the basics — drawing, fundamentals of design, painting and black and white photography — I also dove into Web Design, Video Art and Digital Photography classes.


Topically, my paintings are abstract and intellectually they are kinesthetic. Deeply textured, scored in light and shadow, my work speaks to those willing to listen. Experienced, yet grounded, my wit and emotion are articulated cleanly in the combined oil and mixed media. The paintings evolve as an organic expression from the very threads of the canvas.

Seeking only to stir the emotions of the viewer, I let the paintings and the viewer engage in a discourse that I never interrupt. Each conversation is private — all viewers seem to leave with a secret only they are privy to.

I create paintings that encourage the viewer to think, step out of the box and challenge their mind so they may become completely engaged and grasped by the raw emotion displayed. My primary goal is to stir that emotion — positive or negative — and move the audience. Ultimately it’s the audience that decides what is depicted. Thus, I rarely title my work. I don’t want to give a predisposition of what people should think. My paintings are my creativity, sprawled on canvas for others to interpret.

I claim not to be an innovator, my painting isn’t new but I use gesso sparingly, wax medium liberally and pigment astutely. I rarely use a brush; all of the work is done with palette knives. I use the canvas as the color palette — mixing pigment directly on the burlap. This creates an intimate connection between the medium and myself. My artistic process feels like a private conversation between the artist and materials — generously whispered back to the viewer.

My interest is in the forms and textures created when combining pigments directly on canvas. When I paint I’m searching for depth, density and hues that grasp the soul. I become so involved that my mind wanders and my unconscious takes over.

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About Me

Picture of a paint brush applying paint to canvas. Image is black and white.

Below will lead you to my work. I am a painter, photographer, Web designer, sculptor ... I am an ARTIST.